MAR Enterprises – Empowering Customers

Welcome to MAR Enterprises.  As an ex-Intel Field Application Manager turned freelance web consultant, my current passion is  to train customers on how to implement their own informational website using WordPress.

One primary objective of my model is to empower customers by helping them understand how to leverage WordPress in managing their web content.  The results are reducing cost while increasing customer satisfaction.

Please call me at  ( 920 ) 471 – 5812 or email me at mrenish@new.rr.com , if this sounds interesting to you.

Regarding this website… this is a development website.  I use it as a mock up to help customers see the potential of their designs.

Currently, I’m in the process of integrating the Divi Builder, from Elegant Designs, into the theme I’ve developed over my coursework at NWTC.  It’s an exercise to see how easy this is, or not.  What I’m finding is that the Divibuilder is stepping on a lot of my ‘content’ styling which I would not expect.  I get how the builder needs styling for columns, sliders, and such, but to step on my Headings is a little unexpected.

This site is fundamentally about the implementation of web technologies ( HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Photoshop, WordPress and Digital Photography ) that I’ve learned over the last several years at NWTC.

Please notice the roll-over effects on all navigation and that all links are in a consistent Longhorn Orange color. This gives the user instant visual clues on links and navigation.  Poor navigation and link implementation are some of the biggest issues I have with the user interface and experience. The fundamental location of the navigation, along with the interactive visual feedback, is key to a excellent user interface.

I’d like to thank all the plugin providers by calling out their excellent products below:

  • amr Shortcodes any Widget
  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
  • Breadcrumb NavXT
  • Custom Menu Wizard
  • Divi Builder
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Media Tags
  • PHP Code for Posts
  • Show IDs
  • Simple Responsive Slider

One of the main requirements in implementing the new theme is a Responsive Web Design (RWD) and passing, with the highest scores possible, the Google Development tool PageSpeed and WebPageTest.  These are just ‘two’ of the new proprietary requirements and are challenging to say the least.

As a development site, you’ll notice strange stuff now and again as I experiment live because that’s what this site is about.

Auto Aces asked me to consult with them on their new WordPress website.  Please check them out at autoacesonline.com .

Green Bay Duck Hunters Association  ( GBDHA ) has also asked me to provide consulting and content management services.  Please check them out at gbdha.com

The Green Bay chapter of Trout Unlimited (GBTU)’s website is my philanthropic work.  Check it out at www.greenbaytu.org and please donate to a great cause that helps conserve, restore, protect and reconnect our cold water resources and watersheds.

Thanks for visiting. – Mike

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