Utah fishing July 2014

Mike working a section of a deep chute

Mike working a section of a deep chute

From July 18th through the 24th of July 2014, Brian Mease, Tom Dretzka, Todd Hengen, Allan Jamir and Mike traveled to Utah to do some fly fishing on the streams east and south of Salt Lake City.

We flew into SLC the morning of the 18t and then headed west on 80 and then south on 40 to Park City, UT. Allan, aka Jammer, had a time share set up and we got to stay there in return for paying Jammer’s plane ticket. Everyone wins !

Once we got our act together, we were able to fish the relatively close middle Provo by that afternoon. The fish were not biting at all and the locals stated it was because of the recent rain and the water release from the Dams.

The following day we tried the Upper Provo and had a few bites here and there, but mostly met other fine fly fishing folks.

The 3rd day, we went to the Strawberry Creek which is about 2 hours south and east near Duchesne, UT. It was quite a drive to and from, but the water was beautifully clear, the sky was crazy blue and then black and then blue again, and the fish were huge. Mostly, we looked them and they looked at us. Jammer was able to catch a nice one and you’ll notice that in the Photos.

Todd striking a pose as he gets his gear ready

Todd striking a pose as he gets his gear ready

The 5th day Jammer and I went to the Lower Provo where there were a ton of fish whilst the other guys went back the Strawberry.  Jammer and I were pleased with our decision and actually the encouragement by the local Fisheries to take 2 Brown Trout apiece.

We obliged and kept 3 for dinner the following day.  The fish were much easier to catch, once you figured the depth and then had enough weight to get it down fast.  Barr’s emergers on 20s were the ticket although I had a huge Rainbow take a Wisconsin Hares Ear on a 12.

It was a great time !  Thanks to everyone for making this happen.  Don’t forget to check out the Gallery of Photos !

Utah Trip July 2014